Music Releases

A collection of all the music projects created and released by me



(Feat. Sanjana Shah)

First created and written back in 2019, Godspeed has been around for quite some time. On this record, I reflect upon my...
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My Money Don't Jiggle

(Rap Remix by Kay)

Been hearing this fun and amazing remix all around the internet lately and then I had the sudden urge to create a rap remix of...
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A fresh new single that I released in April 2021. This song carries a chill, laid-back summer vibe with calm, interesting lyrics...
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I Will

“I Will” is my first entirely Independent project which was released on all major platforms – Produced, written...
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This song was created & released during the pandemic after a brief hiatus. I mention & talk to a few of the characters from my life...
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(Logic Under Pressure Remix)

People often hit their lows & end up in the dark and are stuck there for several reasons...
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Token Of Dopeness

Token Of Dopeness (T.O.D.) is a banger, trap style single that I had released back in 2018. On this project, I try to flex with...
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Lost In The Screams

(Feat. Gaurav Gaur)

Presenting Lost In The Screams (LITS) created by me & Gaurav Gaur from Bangalore. This low-fi record was recorded & released back in 2016...
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