I Will

“I Will” is my first entirely Independent project which was released on all major platforms – Produced, written, performed, mixed, mastered, created, designed & edited solely by me. It is now available on all major streaming platforms.

It is an upbeat, energetic, and a chill song that talks about me being in a closed-up, dark state of mind in the past and now trying to get out of that headspace, and trying to fly up, trying my best in whatever that I do without the thought of me failing at it. It is also a message from me to my close ones, motivating and inspiring them to do their best in their lives, to keep their heads up as we all flow through life as humans, together.
I also pay homage to my late Grandma on the hook of this song. Despite the lyrics and the theme, the song isn’t a sad/melancholic jam, rather it is something that people can vibe and bob their heads to.

© 2020 thisiskaymusic
℗ 2020 thisiskaymusic