(Feat. Sanjana Shah)

First created and written back in 2019, Godspeed has been around for quite some time. On this record, I reflect upon my journey through the lens of personal hardships, struggles, lessons, and growth over the past years. The song and the lyrics give off a somewhat chill, yet raw, emotional, and authentic vibe. It builds upon my old-school Hip-Hop influences along with a tinge of Jazz thrown in the mix. The very gifted featured artist, Sanjana, makes her debut on this song. With a heartfelt tribute to my late grandma in the last verse, "Godspeed" is a passionate and soul-filled re-telling of my experiences, and an ode to the journey ahead.

Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered, Designed, and Edited by Kay (Karan Panchal). Written by Kay (Karan Panchal) and Sanjana Shah.

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℗ 2023 Kay Independent Music